Vitro fertilization

Sterility prevention, diagnostics and treatment

  • Female and male sterility diagnostics (determination of hormone status, semen analysis, HSG –ovarian reserve testing),
  • Hysteroscopy (diagnostic and operative),
  • Laparoscopy (diagnostic and operative),
  • TESA – testicle biopsy,
  • Ovulation stimulation,
  • Intrauterine insemination  during a spontaneous ovulation or after stimulation,
  • Vitro fertilisation:
    • IVF classic fertilisation method (joining of female and male reproductive cells),
    • ICSI – stimulated joining of  female and male reproductive cells,
    • AHA laboratory method that is used for the stimulated implementation (implementation of the embryo in uterus lining)
    • PGD (pre-implantation genetic embryo diagnostics), soon
    • CRYOPRESERVATION extra embryo freezing and keeping.
The proof of the quality of our work is the high percent of success in the process of vitro fertilisation, where the number of clinical pregnancies per embryo transfer is 52% of women under the age of 40.