A rich history of medicine in Serbia, a large number of skilled and humane health care workers, relationship management towards patients, modern medical equipment and a desire for continuous learning and improvement of services provided, have influenced that Serbia becomes a logical choice of the place where you will undergo a surgical procedure, the necessary preventive examinations, treat dental diseases, or visit one of the spas with mineral and thermal mineral water. Treatment in Serbia offers numerous advantages, and the primary ones are reflected in the ability to provide top quality medical services at significantly lower prices compared to other European countries.

Novi Sad – the town of health and medical tourism. The choice of Novi Sad as our corporate headquarters and the centre of business activities was driven by objective reasons and the possibility to achieve the strategic goals more efficiently than in any other place. High criteria in the provision of health services, expertise and high ethical standards of health care workers, a number of specialised health care institutions and plenty of treatment methods of the highest world standards designate Novi Sad as a place where the concept of efficient health services gets its full significance.

Medical tourism or cross-border care is an integral part of the concept of efficient health services and as such it should enable linking the health institutions in Serbia with the patients beyond its borders in order to meet all individual needs and thus increase the general quality level of health care and reduce waiting time for health service.

To us, medical tourism business means not only providing information to patients, but it also involves active participation and full commitment to each individual request. Clearly the implementation of this concept implies the active participation in the treatment process and the presence of our associates during the entire stay in Serbia. Our task is to continuously monitor the work of all health care institutions which we cooperate with, to improve the quality of health services and to assist in the selection of certain health care facilities which will most efficiently meet the needs of our clients.

The business approach “the doctor’s patient and the patient’s doctor” clearly puts us in the role which results in the full satisfaction of the patient, and institutional holders of health services are relieved of participation in all business activities that may cause a decrease in the full importance of successful treatment.

Cooperation with the most prestigious clinics, teachers, doctors and other medical staff, and all the branches that support the process, qualifies us as a company which builds its business relations on the trust with a strong respect for the highest ethical standards.