Restaurant of Novi Sad - The Restaurant TerraceDynamic historical events in this area affected the creation of a very diverse and specific taste in the Serbian national cuisine. The greatest influence came from the Greek, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian cuisines, while the Hungarian cuisine had the biggest influence in creating a spicy flavour of Vojvodina dishes. Serbian traditional dishes are well-known and they are basically most often a combination of meat and vegetables. Gastronomic pleasure is complemented by the local brandy, special cream made of milk, pickled foods and chutney. After lunch it is obligatory to eat something sweet from traditional Serbian sweets such as doughnuts, plum noodles or raspberry preserve.

Novi Sad restaurants, apart from a wide range of international dishes, have a rich selection of traditional dishes from Vojvodina such as duck poached in wine, stuffed rolled duck, Vojvodina fritter in milk cream and local wines from the best surrounding butteries and wineries which proudly parry the finest French and Italian wine producers. Novi Sad can boast about with many restaurants where you can enjoy in diverse food and drink with a generous welcome, pleasant ambient, good company and of course, the sounds of tambourine players. Our task is to offer our clients the best that Novi Sad and the surroundings give in this segment, i.e. to provide the ambient where food and drink have a higher meaning in cooperation with carefully chosen restaurant-owners. You can take a look at the presentations of restaurants that will meet all your demands within this category and you can contact us here for additional queries.