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Serbian spas

Wellness & Spa in Serbian SpasSerbian spas are usually situated in idyllic landscapes and are among the highly respected tourist destinations both for their unique health programmes and friendly staff and for the thermal springs, mineral mud and clean air. The history of Serbian spas goes way back. Even the old Romans built baths, swimming pools and mansions with thermal and mineral water in this area, while certain remnants from that period can be found nowadays. However, what makes Serbian spas different from the others is their surroundings, rich in cultural and historical heritage, preserved thick forests, mountain streams, beautiful lakes and rivers. Surrounded by natural beauties, cultural and historical heritage, cultivated and qualified to regain body and soul vitality, they are places which have to be visited without much consideration.

Vrdnik SpaIn over 40 spas in Serbia, visitors can choose from a wide range of services starting from preventive treatments and treatments of certain illnesses over to programmes for entire body refreshment and rejuvenation. As modern life style and the accelerated pace of living have consequences on the total physical condition of a growing number of people, it is vital to find a right balance and preserve health. The right place for them are some of the spas with well-known wellness & spa programmes, recreation and sports programmes or simply, clean air, higher oxygen amount, stable temperatures and cultivated footpaths.

Regardless of the season, Serbian spas are equally attractive. If you need modern physical therapy, rehabilitation, postoperative recovery, acupuncture or you simply want to escape the city crowd and rest in clean air, do not miss a chance to experience the rich spa resorts offer.

Fruška Gora

Fruska GoraNear Novi Sad there is a wooded mountain Fruška Gora which was an island in the Panonija Sea long time ago. Today it has a national park status of extraordinary national beauty. It is a place where a real treasure trove of flora and fauna stretches over ten thousand hectares, a place where orchids and conifers grow, a place where a variety of animals found their home – from fawns and rabbits to wild boars and eagles. Numerous springs, caves, protected areas and a small number of settlements encourage the feeling of perfection that only nature can give. An extremely good geographical position and good climate contributed so that Fruška Gora was given an epithet “air spa” which guaranties a pleasant stay to every visitor and especially people with cardiovascular and lung diseases.

Besides the natural heritage, this mountain has preserved the cultural and historical heritage created centuries ago. There is evidence of people in this area which go back to the Neolithic period, over Illyrians and Celts to the Romans. Christian sanctities were built here back in 11th century and an extremely important group of medieval monasteries was created from 15th until 17th century, which are even today the most valuable and recognisable monument treasures. Fruška Gora monasteries as witnesses of rich Serbian history and religion guardians represent places with no alternative in the plan to see Fruška Gora.

Sremski Karlovci

The Archbishop's Palace in Sremski KarlovciSremski Karlovci. Only ten kilometres away from Novi Sad, on the slopes of Fruška Gora, there is Sremski Karlovci – an open-air museum, a place which combines history and a modern way of living. Advantageous geographical location, natural resources, wealth of architectural works, churches, galleries, friendly people, wines and traditional cuisine made Sremski Karlovci an unavoidable stop for a great number of tourists. Karlovci witnessed many events through history and today it treasures memories best retold with a glass of wine and a piece of cake.

By touring Sremski Karlovci you will notice a number of buildings which are breathtaking in their style and history involved. There is the Patriarchal Palace in the centre of the town – one of the most magnificent and monumental edifices built in Vojvodina during 19th century which today has the status of Serbian patriarch summer residence. There is also the Congregational Church built in Baroque style as a three-ship cathedral, then Theology School, Karlovci Grammar School (the oldest Serbian grammar school founded in 1791), the Magistrate, Stefaneum, Baron Rajačić`s Palace, Chapel of Peace, Four Lions Drink-Fountain and many others.

Vineyards of Sremski KarlovciApart from a large number of cultural and historical sites that citizens of Karlovci proudly treasure, there is an abundance of other reasons to visit this place, and one of them is the well-known wines. By nurturing wine as an integral part of image they are building, citizens of Karlovci say: ”water washes the face and wine washes the soul”. That image and philosophy of relationship towards wine finds its roots way back into the past. Karlovci vineyards are invaluable wealth of Fruška Gora vineyards whose history dates back to the past, even to 276 when the Roman emperor Prob first brought them. The most common wines are Italian Riesling – Riesling, Riesling Rajinski, Neoplanta, Parishioners, Ausbruh and of course specially flavoured, composed of more than twenty types of herbs and spices, the most famous wine from Karlovci – Bermet. Wine tasting is possible in numerous wine cellars, as well as at the biggest wine festival “Grožđenbal”, which is traditionally held every year at the beginning of October, marking the start of the grape harvest.

There are many ways to describe Sremski Karlovci but none of them is better than the one which a visitor takes with themselves once they depart from this beautiful town. Perhaps one of the most interesting descriptions of this place was given by dr. Laza Popović at the beginning of the last century when he asked himself the question:”What is Karlovci?” – the Danube, the mountain, vineyards, a collection of dilapidated and strange houses, joyful, easy and careless life with lots of drinks, songs, dancing, half a village, half a town…? Whatever we describe it, one is certain – no one left Sremski Karlovci feeling indifferent. The recommendation is clear – a short break in a Baroque town full of interesting stories and even more interesting people with a glass of good wine, traditional Karlovci cake “kuglof” and the smell of linden tree are a unique way to sense the spirit of a completely different period of time.

Vojvodina Ranches

Vojvodina Ranches - Rabbit RanchVojvodina Ranches are places ideal for relaxation in a unique way. In the northern part of Serbia, in a plain in Vojvodina full of endless fields of grain, there are small hidden and lonely places called salaši (ranches). They have been here for ages since the time when they were the pride of wealthy farmers and the skeleton of agriculture up to now when they have a completely new role in a new, modern era. Many ranches have been renewed and enabled to take in tourists that wish to escape the accelerated life in the city at least for a short while and feel the magic of good food and refreshing silence.

Ranches in Vojvodina are unavoidable for many things. Some of them are old local dishes for preparing gastronomy pleasures and traditional recipes by which local culinary specialties, wine and brandy are made. Traditional food and drinks from Vojvodina are unforgettable to every guest, but they are not the only reason for a visit. Many ranches offer panoramic tour by plane, riding on a horse stud, fish ponds or a real rarity in modern tourist service such as riding in a carriage, bicycle or a possibility to watch diligent craftsmen work in their old crafts workshops. It would not be “in the spirit of Vojvodina” to reveal everything in one place, therefore do not miss your chance to enjoy “the time ride” at least for a day and visit places that will satisfy even most refined tastes.