For Patients

Organising medical services is a challenge for all sides involved in this extremely significant process. Treatment in Serbia gives numerous advantages that you can be informed of through presented content, whereas you can see why Novi Sad for us is a “Health City”, which institutions we work with, who makes our team, what accommodation and which restaurants we recommend, etc. However, we are aware that reaching a decision on treatment outside the borders of the domicile health system requires additional effort. Starting from the fact that every medical treatment inevitably carries stress, worry and inborn fear, our task is to make the whole process as safe as possible considering ethical standards.

The concept of efficient health service that we have developed provides a timely response to reported requests, lower treatment costs, but it also shows a wish to permanently advance, innovate and add value to a complex process of treatment. Therefore, our primary goal is to enable total and timely service in all segments of the process – from the questionnaire sending, over making appointments to conducting certain medical procedures and safe come back to everyday activities after the treatment. Besides, what makes us special is the effort we make to permanently monitor the work of health institutions we cooperate with, develop certain control mechanisms, cooperation with prominent international consultants and complete focus on the individual and their needs.

Our focus is directed towards complete informing of a potential services user, above all, whereas our participation does not end in information provision. We have developed a concept that presupposes permanent presence of our associates during the entire stay in Serbia. That way our team starts to take care of all the aspects of efficient goal reaching from the moment you make a decision to conduct your treatment with us.

We have taken care to: 

  • provide English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Slovenian interpreters and other languages if necessary,
  • give you advice that you can consider with people from your surrounding that you can trust before you make a decision to come,
  • introduce you to doctors and other medical staff that will take care of your health condition after your arrival,
  • organise transfer to the requested place in style regardless of the means of transport you come by – plane, train or bus,
  • provide accommodation (hotel, apartment, hospital) according to the requests and health condition,
  • allow the escort, if you have one, to be fully informed about your current condition,
  • offer other services – from touring ranches, wine cellars, monasteries to visiting wellness & spa centres, hunting tourism, spa resorts etc.
  • meet all other specific demands.