In accordance with the modern way of doing business, while complying with all the specifics from marketing to legal regulations relating to the health sector, HMC Solutions focuses all its resources towards the implementation of the marketing concept in its own and in the business of its customers. Trends in developed economic systems dictate the pace that is necessary to follow, i.e. it is necessary to make “an additional effort” in order to build one`s market position, keep the winning position and eventually raise to a higher level. In addition, it is necessary to not only accept marketing as a means to achieve this goal, but as some kind of social process. Our goal is to help you do this.

Recognizing the above, we strive to offer marketing services to the highest possible level of quality composed of: 

  • Planning and implementing a marketing plan,
  • Market research,
  • Production of all types of designs at the highest international standards,
  • Develop a Web site and other software products,
  • Production of all types of videos: 3D, animation, fiction and combined,
  • Broadcasting of advertising content on all TV stations in the Republic of Serbia,
  • Outdoor advertising (posters, billboards, walls, means of transport, etc.)
  • Advertising in all newspapers and magazines,
  • Advertising on all radio stations,
  • Sports marketing (sponsorships, billboards, organisation of competitions, etc.)
  • Organisation of corporate promotions, lectures, press conferences, cocktail parties and the like.