HMC Solutions gives consulting services in the health sector providing integration and implementation of theoretical and practical achievements in management and control of certain business processes. The ultimate goal in the process of service provision is set system upgrading of health services and treatment bearing in mind specific requests and needs of individual health facilities. Our task is to understand stated requests and needs along with an active work on the realisation of set goals and building the highest level of trust with our service users.

Our services of business consulting refer to the following: 

  • Providing the necessary communication between domestic and foreign health institutions and other potential clients with all relevant state institutions (local, regional and republic), as well as other subjects of interest for the implementation of planned activities;
  • Organising talks and meetings, as well as other forms of information exchange of all participants and others that affect or may affect the project;
  • Collecting information from cadastral municipalities, possession of copies of plans and papers, town plans, valid regulations, media and other sources significant for the programme implementation along with elaboration and submission of comments on all these sources;
  • Activities coordination with third parties, i.e. finding partners and contracting activities on behalf of clients (collection of bids, proposal for choosing a bidder, contract proposal, etc);
  • Analyses of legislative and other acts significant to the user;
  •  Analyses of potential restrictions in the project (case studies on the environment, protection of cultural property, infrastructure constraints, restrictions in spatial planning documents, other problems and limits);
  • Ex post and ex ante analyses referring to specific project tasks;
  • Investment studies, assessments referring to assets and liabilities, as well as preparing all other documents necessary for the implementation of a project;
  • Activities coordination referring to financial and legal matters significant for project implementation;
  • Precise determination of the property and legal status of the project;
  • Information about the activities of other participants in order to allow potential joint appearances in connection with taking measures to create conditions for the project implementation;
  • Keeping procedures to obtain the location and construction permits and coordination with the authorities in connection with the above;
  • For projects that require it, determining the current state of the project in terms of perceiving the situation as a whole, especially procedures related to decision-making about the project in all bodies of local and state authorities;
  • All other services in accordance with the mutual agreement.