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Health Care Management

Increasing the performance of health institutions clearly indicates a different approach in relation to similar ventures in other sectors of economy. Usually this means efficiency increase with parallel improvement of health services quality and putting to the forefront the needs and requirements of service users. At the same time, stressing health care management for us is an instrument for improving the operations of health institutions, but also the instrument for efficient transfer of technology and knowledge. Bearing in mind that health is in many countries, as well as in the Republic of Serbia, a branch with a high degree of state regulation, the initiative for further development of the private sector along with permanent influence on all relevant institutions aiming at health promotion and better availability of modern medical procedures, equipment, material and human resources, is one of our strategic goals.

The ultimate goal in the process of provision of services is advancing the system of health services and treatment services provision bearing in mind specific requests and needs of each health institution. Therefore, our task is to understand stated requests and needs, but also to keep up to date with modern trends (theoretical and practical), as well as to find models for efficient implementation of achievements in management into the primary health institutions line of work, whether it is diagnostics, general medicine, surgery, dentistry or any other branch of medicine. Challenges of modern ways of business-making, bearing in mind all specificities of health sector business making, are mainly resulting from problems arising as consequences of more frequent changes conditioned by numerous factors from all aspects of life and work. In this respect, HMC Solutions has a task to efficiently and effectively respond to all these challenges.

The nature of the relationship between management and medicine is most frequently described as opposing with extremely different aims in these two areas. Our assignment in this phase is to initiate creating “the productive connection” revealing all the specifics of this relationship and eventually to give a straight answer to the question what benefits can patients expect out of it. In this respect, HMC Solutions commitment is clear bearing in mind the significance of the implications that our clients` line of work implies: complete integration and cooperation with all our services users creating a system that initiates changes and allows accomplishment of competitive advantages in health service quality and the benefit of all sides.