About us

Health and Medical Care Solutions is a company established with a purpose to improve treatment quality and provide all the necessary support to all our clients and participants in the process of providing health services through knowledge, experience, skills, and creating a relationship which guarantees care for each individual inside and outside the organisation. New social relations insist on specific moral responsibilities and conscience of health care workers. The success of a health care worker depends on their expertise and ethical behaviour. The basic working conditions for this profession are knowledge and conscience, but also creating conditions which allow free choice and the participation of wider social community to design an efficient health care system. Accordingly, the best organisations are the ones which can make all the participants interested in successful treatment.

HMC Solutions developed the concept of efficient health care service which allows full orientation towards the patient and adjustment to the specific needs of each service user. Even though it seems that there is an overall consensus that accessibility should be provided at all levels in everyday life, the reality clearly shows that the majority of people do not know what this actually means. This is exactly why the accessibility and equality in the context of providing health care services are crucial in determining the strategic goals and creating the business policy.

The concept of efficient health care service involves integration of all the participants in the process and it creates conditions for the cost rationalisation and the process duration rationalisation with enhanced treatment quality and greater satisfaction of all the parties involved. The mentioned approach was designed on account of the need to provide a humane bond between the patients and their doctors, on one hand, and the necessity to react to the challenges of modern living and working, on the other hand. It is clear that, in this way, we have determined our strategic focus to provide better life quality for an individual accompanied by simultaneous development of institutional infrastructure which should enable the provision of health care and other services at the highest level.

The concept we developed allowed us not only to respond to change and challenges efficiently, but also to initiate changes which will consequently lead to an improved treatment and health care system and a longer and improved lifestyle for our service users.